NVIDIA's single-chip IGP due out this month

NVIDIA's MCP61S integrated graphics chipset is scheduled to launch in late August, according to Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers quizzed by DigiTimes. As previously reported, the MCP61S incorporates north bridge, graphics, and south bridge functionality in a single chip.
According to the makers, the Nvidia MCP61S is a single chip integrating both northbridge and southbridge capabilities and fully supports Microsoft DirectX 9.0c, and will eventually replace Nvidia's GeForce 6100 northbridge chip that works in conjunction with the nForce 410 southbridge. The new IGP chipset could help motherboard manufacturers reduce design and production costs, as the unit price of MCP61S-based motherboards could be lowered to less than US$80, the makers estimate.
Motherboards based on the MCP61S from Asus, ASRock, ECS, Gigabyte, and MSI are reportedly due out "by the end of August." Additionally, DigiTimes' sources claim NVIDIA is planning a notebook flavor of the MCP61S. Such a product would be more power-efficient than conventional dual-chip designs, the sources say.
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