Sapphire Radeon X1800 GTO2 spotted in Japan

A Radeon X1800 GTO2 from Sapphire has been spotted in Japan by local site Akiba PC Hotline! (translate here.) The card isn't up on Sapphire's website, but Akiba's box shots clearly show the model name. Apparently, the card is outfitted with 512MB of memory, double the amount present on the Radeon X1800 GTO. According to X-bit labs, the Radeon X1800 GTO2 also features a full-fledged Radeon X1800 XL graphics processor, complete with 16 pixel shader pipelines and a 500MHz core clock speed. The memory is clocked at 500MHz (1GHz effective) as well, identical to the Radeon X1800 XL's and X1800 GTO's memory speeds. The Radeon X1800 GTO2 Akiba spotted was priced at ¥36,780, or $320.68, but neither X-bit labs nor Akiba say whether the card will make it to North America or how much it might cost if it does.

Update: TR reader thecoldanddarkone tells us the Radeon X1800 GTO2 is already in stock at Newegg. The Newegg listing confirms the specifications quoted by X-bit labs, and the card is available for $254.99, or $224.99 after a $30 mail-in rebate.

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