Poll: How much storage in your primary system?

Some rather meaty hard drives have been hovering around the $0.30 per gigabyte mark as of late, and one can definitely imagine many users whose hard drives overflow with buccaneer loot rushing, credit card at the ready, to further expand their storage capacity. But that raises the question: just how much storage space does the average TR reader have in his primary system? That's the subject of our latest poll, so whether you're a booty-hoarding pack rat or a laptop user with no room for abundant storage, go vote and let us know!

In our previous poll, we inquired about your thoughts on the AMD-ATI merger. While both AMD and ATI appear very enthusiastic about the deal, only 42% of you think it's a good idea. 32% are undecided, leaving 26% who think the deal is downright bad, either for the two companies or for the industry as a whole.

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