With Core 2 coming, vendors reduce Core Duo prices

Laptops based on Intel's mobile Core 2 Duo are due to hit stores toward the end of this month, and already notebook vendors are lowering prices on their Core Duo notebooks in order to clear stocks and make way for the new chips. Notebooks featuring the 1.66GHz Core Duo T2300E are targeted by these cuts, according to DigiTimes, and eagerness to sell has reportedly driven average prices for all Core Duo laptops below the $1,000 mark. This average is likely affected by notebooks sporting "unofficial" Core Duo T2250 and T2050 chips with 533MHz front side bus speeds, as well, since those machines hover in the $699-799 range and even below. Dell's Core Duo T2050-powered Inspiron E1505, for instance, is down to $659 on Dell's website.

Aside from the Core 2 Duo launch, Intel's reported plans to cut Core Duo shipments to 10-15% of its mobile output by the first quarter of next year may also be a factor behind the vendors' eagerness to move their Core Duo systems.

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