ATI 'Chuck patch' on hold until October

Back in April, an ATI developer known as Chuck released a patch that enabled the use of both high dynamic range (HDR) lighting and antialiasing with Radeon X1000-series graphics cards in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. Chuck released updated patches for the May and June Catalyst 6.5 and 6.6 releases, but July is now behind us and there is still no updated patch for the Catalyst 6.7 release. EliteBastards has the skinny on what's happening at ATI's headquarters:
First things first - There will be no CATALYST 6.7-based release of ATI's 'Chuck' patch. The reason for this is simple enough - When 'Chuck' isn't busy saving the world one pixel or a time, or using his ninja skills to spy on Technical Marketing Manager Dave Baumann, he's pretty busy integrating the code from the 'Chuck' patch into official drivers to be WHQL certified, and thus it has been decided that resources are better spent there to get this ready as soon as possible rather than 'fire-fighting' by releasing a non-WHQL driver containing the 'Chuck' patch each and every month.
Users with the will and the hardware to run Oblivion with HDR and antialiasing will have to stick with the Catalyst 6.6 drivers, which can be downloaded here. An official, WHQL-certified Catalyst release incorporating the Chuck patch can be expected by October at the latest.
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