John Carmack's QuakeCon speech hits the net

As is customary, John Carmack gave a one-hour keynote speech at this year's QuakeCon. AMDZone and GameSpy both have brief summaries of some of the speech's key topics, and those committed enough to listen to Carmack talk for almost an hour and a half can now download a video of the whole keynote at

Some of the speech's highlights include a long talk about parallelism and multithreading in games and next-gen consoles, comments about physics accelerators, reactions on the AMD-ATI merger, and a few tidbits about id Software's next game. On physics, id apparently has no plans to implement support for physics cards, which might deal a blow to Ageia—especially if many other studios license Carmack's next engine. Regarding the AMD-ATI merger, Carmack says he'd be happiest with three strong, independent players in the graphics industry. He believes one strong player and a "captive" player may not be the best thing for the market.

Carmack stayed tight-lipped about id's next game, but he revealed that the title will "do things that people have never seen before," and that it will employ third-generation MegaTexture technology.

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