AMD's desktop shipments to see large growth in H2

Intel may have regained the performance crown with its Core 2 Duo processors, but AMD is reportedly expecting major growth on the desktop in the second half of this year. Numbers kindly passed on from motherboard manufacturers to DigiTimes suggest AMD plans to ship 26 million processors in the second half of this year, a 33% jump over its 19.5 million shipments for the first half. If this is accurate, the growth will likely be aided by supply from AMD's new Fab 36, as well as additional production from Chartered Semiconductor, which kicked off revenue shipments of AMD chips last month. DigiTimes doesn't give any indication of what factors will boost demand for AMD's chips, however. Recent price cuts could certainly play a part, as could the coming holiday season, but plans for such a massive increase could also lend credence to multiple rumors that Dell plans to introduce AMD desktop PCs as early as September.
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