GDDR5 to be ready next year?

The first GDDR5 memory chips will become available before 2008, according to a DRAMeXchange report quoted by HKEPC. GDDR5 is currently at the design stage, but samples will reportedly be ready for mid-2007, and final chips will become available in late 2007. Meanwhile, GDDR4 samples from Samsung and Hynix have been sent to both ATI and NVIDIA, and ATI is prepping its first GDDR4-powered graphics card. The Radeon X1950 XTX will reportedly feature Samsung-built 64MB, 1.8V GDDR4 chips rated for 1100MHz (an "effective" 2.2GHz, or 8.8GB/s of bandwidth per memory chip.) Samsung has already pushed GDDR4 samples to an impressive 1.6GHz (3.2GHz effective), which yields 12.8GB/s per chip, but HKEPC doesn't say how high GDDR5 will clock.
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