The TNT Manual: System cleaning in Win98

Adam LongWalker is back! Last time around, he told the story of his cat urinating into—and utterly destroying—his Pee Cee and the subsequent building of the Econobox, a decent replacement PC on the cheap. This time out, he's explaining how he keeps the Econobox humming with a deep-cleansing ritual every few weeks: dusting the cobwebs outta the Registry, picking up spare DLLs left scattered around the system, and defragging the OS drive for good measure.

If you run Win98 (or any Win9x flavor) and put your system to heavy use, this inaugural installation of Mr. LongWalker's new TNT manual may be just what you need to keep your PC fast and stable. (And heck, if you run Windows NT/2000, Linux, BeOS, or even the MacOS, this one will be good for a chuckle.) Virtual minty freshness is only a click away.

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