Lenovo unveils more AMD-powered desktops

Word got out last month that Lenovo was about to introduce some AMD-powered business desktops, and sure enough, the company has just launched new ThinkCentre A60 machines with Sempron, Athlon 64, and Athlon 64 X2 processors. The systems are up for sale on Lenovo's website; the cheapest is priced at $379 with a Sempron 3600+, while the most expensive costs $799 and is outfitted with a dual-core Athlon 64 X2 4200+. Lead time for shipment is quoted as 8-10 days.

The new ThinkCentre A60s mark the first introduction of AMD processors in Lenovo's IBM-branded product lines, which it acquired from Big Blue last year. Lenovo has been offering Athlon 64 and Sempron chips in its 3000-series desktops since February, but those machines are sold under Lenovo's own brand name.

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