AMD, Dell reps confirm AMD-powered Dell notebooks

Rumors of AMD-powered Dell machines have been spreading far and wide over the past few weeks, and now Dell and AMD representatives have revealed to CNet Taiwan that AMD-powered Dell notebooks are indeed in the pipeline.
"This is not a big deal," said the Dell executive, who declined to be named. "In order to remain competitive, we have to make sure that we have [a wide] enough variety of products to meet the market demand."

K. J. Chou, general manager of [AMD]'s Taiwan operation, said: "This is a sensitive topic, though we won't deny the fact that we are working with Dell on desktop and notebook PCs." . . . Chou noted: "Consumers will be able to buy AMD-based computers from Dell by the end of the year."

According to ZDNet Asia, the upcoming Dell notebooks will include mobile Sempron and Turion 64 X2 processors and 15.4" wide-screen displays, and ship in early October. Pricing hasn't been revealed by either company, although the laptops will reportedly be aimed at the consumer market. Thanks to The Inquirer for the tip.
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