NVIDIA officially opens Quad SLI to enthusiasts

NVIDIA has finally released a set of official drivers that enables Quad SLI support with its GeForce 7950 GX2 dual-PCB graphics cards. The new 91.45 ForceWare drivers can be downloaded here, although oddly, NVIDIA files them under a new "Quad NVIDIA SLI" section and not "GeForce and TNT2." The "GeForce and TNT2" section still includes the 91.31 ForceWare drivers released back in June. NVIDIA's ForceWare 91.45 release notes don't clarify the sorting oddity, but they do say this new release brings a vast number of Quad SLI-related bug fixes over the previous beta 91.37 release, which was put up on NVIDIA's SLI Zone website three weeks ago and also offered Quad SLI support.

Driver changes aside, the official opening of Quad SLI to the unwashed, computer-building masses wouldn't be complete without some benchmarks, and the folks over at Guru of 3D and PC Perspective have already put GeForce 7950 GX2-powered Quad SLI rigs to the test. As one might expect, these systems are screaming fast, running games like F.E.A.R. at an average of 75-80 frames per second in 2048x1536 with both antialiasing and anisotropic filtering turned up.

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