KA7-100 update

If you old-school Athlon owners are still salivating over Abit's KA7-100 motherboard thanks to my recent review, you may be interested to know that Gulliver over at Piecesparts, a daring and generous TR hardware sponsor, has some of these puppies in stock. He's willing to part with 'em for $154 if you mention you're TR reader. Since this board could make a killer upgrade for owners of older Athlons (its L2 cache control let me run my 500 at 800MHz), I suggest you check it out.

On a similar note, just tonight I had to reboot for the first time since the Saturday morning over a week ago when the KA7 hit 800MHz stable. Thing is, I had to unplug because of a nasty Midwestern thunderstorm. Otherwise, the system was running fine. How's that for Via stability?

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