Fans cling to ATI brand name

With AMD officials providing conflicting reports about the fate of the ATI brand, some ATI fans are seeing red, so to speak. One has started a petition to persuade AMD not to assimilate ATI's identity. The petition is aimed at AMD's CEO Hector Ruiz, and it reads:
Due to the past events of AMD buying out ATI, we are now faced with threats that their (sic) shall be no more ATI name or sub names in the future of the joint company. We are also faced with a threat that their (sic) shall be no more high end products.
"Threat" is a strong word, and ATI's PR Director Chris Evenden has said ATI is "committed to discrete graphics and will continue to blaze a path of customer-centric innovation and market leadership." Still, this information hasn't stopped over 1,100 people from signing the petition since it went online yesterday morning.
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