Poll: Your next monitor's aspect ratio

Thanks to displays like Dell's UltraSharp 2007WFP and 2005FPW, which are the subject of regular rebates, the market for wide-screen LCDs is expected to climb to 10-15% of all LCD monitor shipments this year. Admittedly, the extra horizontal space does come in handy, and playing games on these things is great. However, such positive aspects may not be enough to drive enthusiasts away from tried and true aspect ratios like 4:3 and 5:4. So, in our latest poll, we're asking: will your next monitor's aspect ratio be standard or wide?

The subject of our last poll was the total storage capacity in your primary system. Of the 3232 voters who participated, 16% have between 201GB and 300GB of total storage. The second and third biggest populations are tied at 15% and have 41-120GB and 121-200GB of storage, respectively. Add 2% with less than 40GB, and we have 48% of our voters with "only" up to 300GB of storage. The remaining 52% is split between 13% of users with 301-400GB, 9% with 401-500GB, 8% with over a Terabyte, and 7% with 501-600GB. Those with between 601GB and 1TB make up the remaining 15%.

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