CEA contemplates E3 substitute

E3 hasn't been killed off entirely as some predicted, but it will undergo some drastic changes, including becoming an invitation-only event. This metamorphosis has left a gaping hole where the old E3 used to be, and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is looking to see whether it can fill the void. The CEA owns and produces the International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, which was the biggest gaming show in the U.S. before E3. CES actually predates E3 by close to 30 years.

Following news of E3's shift in focus, the CEA says it received many inquiries about whether it can provide a substitute for small video game companies. As a result, the CEA has announced that it has set up an advisory committee that will "explore the viability of a West Coast event in late spring 2007 focused on the gaming and entertainment marketplace." The committee will listen to industry and community feedback, and an event in Las Vegas or Los Angeles could be born if there is a strong enough push for it.

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