Pentium D family to shrink

Intel's dual-core processor lineup has been looking somewhat messy since the introduction of the Core 2 Duo processors last month. Different chips overlap at the same official prices, and Pentium D 8x0 processors are cruelly overpriced even in comparison to their Pentium D 900-series siblings. This situation may not persist for long, though. An Intel official has told HKPEC that four Pentium D chips will meet their demise in the coming months—the 3.0GHz Pentium D 830 and 930, and the 3.2GHz Pentium D 840 and 940. The cleanup could still leave up to seven Pentium Ds in Intel's lineup, but it will prevent overlapping with Intel's Pentium D 9x5 chips, which lack support for hardware virtualization. The deadline for ordering the canned chips is December 15, with shipments to continue until March 9, 2007.
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