eWEEK 34,305, hackers 2

eWEEK wrapped up their Openhack challenge yesterday with an article containing summary and observations about the experience. The article also has links to six other archival Openhack articles, so if you want to catch up it's easy to do. If you're wondering what I'm even talking about, eWEEK threw up a few servers (e-commerce, database, e-mail, web, etc.) and challenged people to hack into them, hence Openhack.

As the subject states, 34,307 attacks were leveled at the Openhack network, and two were successful. Of course the flip side to this is "It only takes one." Ironically a hacker who cracked the e-commerce program then "cracked" the database because eWEEK had forgotten to change a built-in account's default password in Oracle. D'oh!

The other articles go into detail about one of the cracks, but stays fairly vague on the other one, probably because it apparently reveals a new vulnerability in Solaris 8 that hadn't been patched at the time the article was written. Still, it's an interesting series of articles to read; the hacker that found the Solaris bug spent 40 hours working on the crack. Now that's dedication.

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