Finalization of 802.11n Wi-Fi spec delayed

Voting on a second draft of the 802.11n Wi-Fi spec has been pushed back from the late fall to January 2007, ARNnet reports. The delay will leave more time for the IEEE committee in charge of the spec to finish sifting through a whopping 12,000 comments filed about the first draft that came out in January. The final 802.11n specification will purportedly allow speeds of up to 540Mbps and a range of 50 meters, substantial increases over the current 802.11g spec. However, participants have yet to agree on key aspects of the specification, and some of the first products based on the multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technology behind 802.11n suffer from interoperability problems. After the vote on second draft is held, likely next January, ARNnet says it might take another year for the final draft to be ratified.
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