AMD launches Socket F Opterons

As previously announced, AMD has finally unveiled its "next-generation" Opterons for Socket F. Like existing Socket AM2 Athlon 64 chips, the Socket F Opterons support DDR2 memory and hardware virtualization features known as AMD-V. The processors slip into a new land grid array-style socket called Socket F. This new socket increases pin count from the previous 940 pins to a massive 1,207 pins. AMD says Socket F will play host to its upcoming quad-core Opterons, which have just taped out and are still on track for a mid-2007 launch. The initial Socket F Opteron launch lineup is as follows:


Sockets Power Price
Opteron 8220 SE 3.0GHz 8 120W $2,649
Opteron 8218 2.6GHz 8 95W $2,149
Opteron 8216 2.4GHz 8 95W $1,514
Opteron 8214 2.2GHz 8 95W $1,165
Opteron 8212 2.0GHz 8 95W $873
Opteron 8216 HE 2.4GHz 8 68W $1,832
Opteron 8214 HE 2.2GHz 8 68W $1,340
Opteron 8212 HE 2.0GHz 8 68W $1,019
Opteron 2220 SE 3.0GHz 2 120W $1,165
Opteron 2218 2.6GHz 2 95W $873
Opteron 2216 2.4GHz 2 95W $698
Opteron 2214 2.2GHz 2 95W $523
Opteron 2212 2.0GHz 2 95W $377
Opteron 2210 1.8GHz 2 95W $255
Opteron 2216 HE 2.4GHz 2 68W $786
Opteron 2214 HE 2.2GHz 2 68W $611
Opteron 2212 HE 2.0GHz 2 68W $450
Opteron 2210 HE 1.8GHz 2 68W $316
These new processors are all dual-core CPUs with 1MB of L2 cache per core and support for DDR2 memory speeds of up to 667MHz (but only 533MHz if all eight memory banks are filled.) AMD introduced some 1000-series Opterons with DDR2-800 memory support for Socket AM2, but the company's price list doesn't reveal pricing for these chips. The Opteron model number page says they are clocked between 1.8GHz and 2.6GHz with a power rating of 103W, though.

A server processor launch wouldn't be complete without new machines from major manufacturers, and AMD isn't being left out on that front. IBM is joining the new Opteron launch party with five brand-new servers, Sun has revamped its entire Opteron-based lineup to accommodate the new chips, and HP plans to add the new Opterons to six servers and an undisclosed number of future workstations. Lesser-known manufacturers including Egenera, Rackable Systems, and Supermicro are also coming out with new Opteron systems.

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