OCZ cranks DDR2 memory up to 1.1GHz

With both AMD and Intel systems now supporting DDR2 memory, the race to bring enthusiasts the speediest DDR2 modules with the flashiest heat spreaders is more heated than ever. OCZ has upped the ante yet again by introducing 2GB dual-channel DDR2 kits rated for operation at 1.1GHz, 33MHz faster than the next best thing (PDF) from Corsair. That speed comes with a latency penalty, though; the OCZ PC2-8800 Gold Edition kits are rated for 5-6-6-15 timings versus 5-5-5-15 for the Corsair stuff. The OCZ and Corsair sticks are both rated for 2.2V, a sizeable 0.4V jump from the 1.8V default for DDR2. However, OCZ claims its PC2-8800 modules will take up to 2.4V, so prospective overclockers can still attempt to squeeze a few extra drops of performance from them.
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