Kentsfield sample overclocked to 4.8GHz

Intel's quad-core Kentsfield processor isn't even out yet—Intel expects to release it in the fourth quarter of this year—but members of the XtremeSystems forums have already gotten their hands on some engineering samples of the chip and are overclocking the pants off them. One of these members, who goes by the name of Stoolman, got his Kentsfield up from the stock 2.66GHz to a clock speed of 4.8GHz. The processor did need just under 1.9V of juice along with a healthy supply of liquid nitrogen to get to that speed, and it stayed within a fairly chilly range of -170°C to -180°C (-274°F to -292°F.)

Stoolman's overclock was stable enough to run some benchmarks, including Cinebench 2003, which produced a single-threaded score of 556 and a multithreaded score of 2034. That's higher than what we obtained with our dual-3.0GHz "Woodcrest" Xeon workstation, although not as impressive as one might expect from a 4.8GHz quad-core chip. In 3DMark 2006, Stoolman's system hit 11,821 3DMarks with the help of a GeForce 7950 GX2 graphics card. Liquid nitrogen does skew the odds a little, so we'll have to see how Kentsfield overclocks with good old-fashioned air cooling.

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