Firefox 2.0 pushed back a month

Firefox 2.0 was previously due to come out in late September, but its release date has now been pushed back to October 24. The delay goes along with a change in schedule for the Beta 2 release that was expected yesterday and will instead be available on August 23. CNet says the delay is a result of bugs in the browser's visual refresh, preferences, tabs, spell-checking, and new anti-phishing functionality that still need to be resolved. Until version 2.0 is out, Mozilla will continue to update Firefox 1.5; a release is planned for September 7.

The postponement of Firefox 2.0 now places its launch closer to that of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7.0, which is also planned for the fourth quarter. Microsoft intends to push its new browser as a "high priority" update via Windows XP's Automatic Updates tool, too, so Firefox 2.0 may end up with some stiff competition considering IE7 also includes tabbed browsing, browser add-ons, and anti-phishing features.

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