Abit intros new quad-core-ready 975X motherboards

Abit has launched two new motherboards based on Intel's 975X chipset, the AW9D and AW9D-MAX. The Abit marketing staff has really pulled out the big guns for these boards.
[The] abit AW9D-MAX is the essence of Bushido, the true "way of the warrior". This board is built with only one thing in mind – destroy the competition – no thought, no mind, only perfect results through righteousness: With superior strength in features and mental preparedness, the Righteous path of enlightenment and true domination comes with the AW9D-MAX.
Strange allusions to Japanese feudalism aside, the AW9D and AW9D-MAX both have quad-core processor support and dual PCI Express x16 slots. Interestingly, Abit has both ATI CrossFire and "Nvidia dual Graphics" under the list of supported features for the two boards. While the press release doesn't make it clear whether this mention refers to full-blown SLI or simply two independent Nvidia graphics cards, one certainly can't rule out the former option considering Nvidia has reportedly authorized SLI support in some of Intel's mobile chipsets.

In addition to quad-core and possible SLI support, the Abit AW9D features four Serial ATA ports with RAID 0, 1, 10, and 5 support, Gigabit Ethernet, two FireWire ports, "Silent OTES" heat pipe-based chipset cooling, and 7.1-channel Dolby Master Studio-certified onboard sound. On top of these features, the AW9D-MAX brings an extra four Serial ATA ports (including one external eSATA port,) an extra Gigabit Ethernet port, and "Silent OTES 2" cooling with dual heat pipes. Thanks to TR reader weta for the tip.

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