Analyst: Dell ordered 1.8 to 2 million AMD systems

Last night, CNet reported that AMD and Dell were about to officially announce an extended partnership. No such announcement has surfaced yet, but a Bank of America analyst has now told the news site that Dell has placed orders for 1-1.2 million AMD-based desktop PCs and around 800,000 AMD-based notebooks. The analyst says Dell is setting aside 15-16% of its desktop business and 18-19% of its notebook business for AMD, which isn't a negligible loss for Intel.

With respect to the AMD-Dell machines' availability, the analyst quotes a late third quarter or early fourth quarter time frame, likely meaning September or October. This is consistent with an early October schedule cited by ZDNet Asia for Dell's AMD-powered notebooks. In anticipation of an official announcement from Dell, AMD's share price has climbed to $24.39, up $7 from the $17.39 low that followed news of the ATI acquisition on July 24.

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