Dell announces AMD-based Dimension desktops

After weeks of rumors and speculation, Dell has finally made an official announcement regarding the expansion of its relationship with AMD. In its latest quarterly report, Dell says the following:
Dell is extending its relationship with AMD, first announced last quarter. Dell will launch Dimension desktop computers with AMD processors next month and will introduce a two-socket and multi-processor server using AMD Opteron processors by the end of the year. . . . Dell’s partnerships with AMD and Intel will greatly enhance its ability to end the year with the broadest and best product line in its history.
Oddly, Dell makes no mention of AMD-powered notebooks, even though the machines were confirmed by representatives from both AMD and Dell earlier this month. ZDNet Asia reported on August 4 that the notebooks will ship in early October with mobile Sempron or Turion 64 X2 processors, and an analyst told CNet yesterday that Dell has already placed orders for around 800,000 AMD-based notebooks.
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