Tyan unveils boards, servers for new Opterons

Tyan has released a host of new motherboards and rackmount servers to complement AMD's latest Socket F and Socket AM2 Opterons with DDR2 support. The new lineup consists of a whopping 18 products and is split evenly between motherboards and servers.

At least three of the boards use Nvidia's newly-released nForce Professional 3000-series chipsets. Tyan's Thunder n6650W implements the nForce Professional 3600 and 3050 combo, giving it four PCI Express x16 slots (two with 16 lanes, two with eight lanes) although it only includes six Serial ATA ports out of a possible 12. The Thunder n3600B is also interesting; it uses the ATX form factor and includes dual 1,207-pin sockets with four memory slots each, as well as dual PCI Express graphics slots (in a 16/8 lane configuration) with SLI multi-GPU support. Last, but not least, the Tomcat n3400B looks like a SLI motherboard for Socket AM2. It supports both desktop Athlon 64 chips and the new 1000-series Opterons.

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