New mobile brand to join ASRock in Asustek stable

After introducing the ASRock budget motherboard brand back in 2002, the marketing types at Asustek have decided to strike again, this time in the mobile sector. Asustek moles have told DigiTimes that the company will soon launch a new ASmobile brand for its barebone notebooks. Unlike ASRock, the notebook brand will not be aimed at the budget segment. Instead, the moles say ASmobile will focus on consumer loyalty and quality and not partake in price wars.

Current Asus notebooks will reportedly be re-branded to bear the ASmobile moniker. Asus plans to ship between 100,000 and 200,000 ASmobile-branded machines this year alone, with output to increase next year. DigiTimes' informants didn't make it entirely clear what Asus hopes to gain from the brand change, but the move is supposedly part of a push to get more notebook manufacturers involved in barebone notebooks in order to grow that particular market segment.

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