Maxtor brand, products to survive Seagate takeover

Speculation is still running wild about whether the ATI brand will survive after AMD completes its purchase of the red team, but things are looking clearer on the hard drive front in the aftermath of Seagate's acquisition of Maxtor. A Seagate official has told eWeek that the Maxtor brand and associated product lines will not be assimilated. Seagate will continue to honor support and warranties for all Maxtor products. Maxtor's DiamondMax hard drives will continue to be produced, and a new MobileMax notebook hard drive will even be launched under the Maxtor name in December. The MobileMax will offer 160GB of capacity with platters spinning at 7,200 RPM, much like Seagate's own Momentus 7200.2.

The choice to keep both brands side by side is due to the small amount of overlap between Maxtor and Seagate's lineups, according to Seagate Segment Marketing VP Marc Jourlait. For example, Jourlait says Maxtor is a major player in the federal government, military, and video/TV production segments, while Seagate is not.

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