Mobo makers wary of making ATI-Intel boards

Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers are bracing for shortages of ATI's chipsets for Intel processors, local sources have told DigiTimes. The mobo makers reportedly fear a repeat of the situation that followed Nvidia's acquisition of ULi, where ULi south bridges became hard to come by and shipments of ATI motherboards that used those chips suffered as a result. In anticipation of potential supply problems surrounding ATI's Intel chipsets, DigiTimes' informants say motherboard manufacturers are likely to reduce or even stop development of Intel motherboards with ATI core logic and instead focus on boards using the red team's AMD-based chipsets.

The mobo manufacturers' fears might not bode well for ATI's upcoming RD600 chipset. ECS, for one, is supposedly "re-assessing" its plans to introduce motherboards based on both the RD600 and its RS600 cousin with integrated graphics.

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