Mozilla developers offered a trip to Redmond

Developers working on Mozilla's Firefox web browser and Thunderbird e-mail client have received an invitation to Microsoft's Redmond, Washington headquarters, according to BetaNews. The invitation comes from Microsoft's Open Source Software Lab and gives the Mozilla folks a chance to attend a weekly Windows Vista Readiness ISV Lab this December in order to cut down on potential compatibility problems between their software and the upcoming Windows Vista operating system. Mozilla hasn't sent out a public response, but it is reportedly in touch with Microsoft about the invitation.

Apparently, Microsoft aims to contribute to improved Vista support even with open-source alternatives to its own applications—namely Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, or "Windows Mail" as it will be called in Vista. The head of Microsoft's Open Source Software Lab stated, "In the past [Microsoft] has only invited commercial software developers to these labs. I'm committed to evolving our thinking beyond commercial companies to include open source projects, so I went to the non-trivial effort of getting slots for non-commercial open source projects." As BetaNews suggests, better compatibility with big third-party apps could help lure more early adopters into snatching up a copy of Vista when it comes out next year.

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