Some P965 boards to support Kentsfield?

Word has it over in Hong Kong that Intel's P965 Express chipset will have no trouble supporting quad-core Kentsfield processors when they hit store shelves next quarter. However, actual motherboard compatibility may vary. According to HKEPC, Kentsfield support mandates certain voltage regulators and voltage dividers that aren't included in all existing P965 motherboards. Some P965 mobos that are based on previous 975X designs are reportedly kosher, but users will probably want to double-check compatibility with their motherboard manufacturers.

Still, the prospect of Kentsfield-ready P965 motherboards may be quite attractive to those planning to hop onto the quad-core bandwagon without coughing up $200-300 for an upscale 975X board. Since Kentsfield will supposedly launch with a $999 price tag, though, breaking the bank may be an inevitable side-effect of early quad-core adoption.

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