Moore's Law and salmon sperm

That got your attention, didn't it? Take a look at this article that shows how scientists have used salmon sperm DNA to build a motorized pair of tweezers.

Now I'm not sure if the scientists have been whipping up some LSD on the side, but they claim that their 'Salmon Sperm DNA Tweezers' (I made up the name all by myself; catchy, ain't it?) may eventually lead to computers that are "1,000 times faster than today's models."

To put it more specifically, one of the researchers said "This may lead to a test-tube based nanofabrication technology that assembles complex structures, such as electronic circuits, through the orderly addition of molecules." Of course, the researchers also said any practical application of the technology is ten or more years away.

As I see it, there are two possible scenarios here. One is that the researchers know what they're talking about, and we'll see this technique being used to build incredibly fast computers in the next decade or two. The other is that they went out and had a few, put on the beer goggles, and then made up the whole tweezers thing when they got caught in a compromising position with a fish.

Of course, I hope it's for real; a computer 1,000 times faster than the one I have now would be pretty cool, not to mention not having to think about the alternative scenario.

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