Xeon-branded Conroe coming late September

New Xeon-branded Conroe processors for single-processor servers are scheduled to hit the market next month, according to a story on EE Times. Intel will reportedly unveil the chips, known as the Xeon 3000-series, during its Fall Developer Conference in San Francisco from September 26-28. This information comes from system builders who also seem to echo information relayed by HKEPC last month. HKEPC's report said the Xeon 3000-series chips will launch with the same 1.86GHz-2.67GHz clock speeds, 2MB-4MB cache sizes, and 1,066MHz front side bus speed as the current Core 2 Duo series.

The Xeon 3000 processors will apparently slip into motherboards with Intel's new 3000 and 3010 chipsets, which server motherboard maker Supermicro says launched yesterday. A Supermicro exec stated that his company has already developed a line of motherboards with Intel's new chipsets to complement the upcoming Xeon 3000-series processors.

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