Report says ATI canceled 65nm Intel chipsets

In line with previous reports that ATI plans to pull out of the Intel chipset market, a Commercial Times report quoted by DigiTimes says ATI has canceled unreleased Intel chipsets based on 65nm process technology. The chipsets include what could be the upcoming RD600's successor, dubbed RD700, as well as RS700 and RC710 core logic. Those chipsets were previously scheduled to make their appearance in the second half of 2007, the Commercial Times report states. However, Taiwanese fab giants TSMC and UMC may now lose their contract orders for the chipsets.

Earlier this month during a visit to ATI's headquarters, an Italian site learned that the red team plans to halve its Intel chipset business next year and stop producing Intel core logic altogether by 2008. For their part, motherboard manufacturers are reportedly likely to reduce or even stop efforts to develop future ATI-based Intel boards.

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