Folding@home to run on ATI graphics cards, too

We reported yesterday that the Folding@home (FAH) effort had worked with Sony to allow PlayStation 3 users to fold on the upcoming console. As it turns out, the folks at Stanford are also working on a folding client that will run on ATI graphics cards. The client is currently going through internal beta testing, but the FAH guys say they will release an open beta by the end of September. According to the FAH high- performance client FAQ, certain molecular dynamics calculations can execute 20 to 40 times faster on a graphics card than on a standard processor. The FAH team is prioritizing ATI's offerings right now because they're reportedly much better folders than their Nvidia counterparts. Even ATI's own Radeon X1800 graphics cards are "considerably slower" at folding than the Radeon X1900 series, so the number of pixel shader processors must be a factor.
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