Creative lays blame on Nvidia for X-Fi hiccups

Back in May, after months of user complaints regarding compatibility problems and glitches surrounding Creative's X-Fi sound card, a Creative forum admin revealed that the hiccups were due to unusual intervals between data transfers from the PCI bus on some high-end systems, and that the company was working on a resolution with chipset and motherboard makers. Three months have passed since then, and Creative now lays the blame on Nvidia for the compatibility issues.

According to Creative, only motherboards with Nvidia nForce4 chipsets exhibit the problems. Allegedly, the PCI bus on those chipsets holds off bus master memory requests for abnormally long periods of time. Since the X-Fi's buffers aren't designed to compensate for this, sound coming from the card ends up crackling and popping. Creative claims nForce4 motherboards are the only ones to exhibit this behavior, although the company points out that not all are affected. The nForce 590 chipset is apparently unaffected, as well.

Nvidia, meanwhile, seems unaware of any problems. Nvidia Technical Marketing Manager Sean Cleveland said in an online chat that, "Currently, there are no open bugs regarding Creative’s X-Fi audio card." Thanks to NGOHQ for the tip.

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