Team Fortress 2 and Episode Two delayed, videos up

At the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany, Valve has shown off its upcoming Half-Life 2: Episode Two expansion as well as the associated Team Fortress 2 and Portal components that will accompany its release. Valve's demos have made it onto YouTube, and Joystiq has compiled a handy list of what's available. The videos include a five-part walk through Half Life 2: Episode Two, one Portal video, and some Team Fortress 2 action. The TF2 video reveals quite a bit more than the brief trailer that came out a month ago, and shows gameplay footage with numerous player classes.

Despite, pimping its upcoming Half-Life 2 add-ons at Leipzig, Valve has pushed back their release to February 2007. The previous release schedule had the expansion coming out during the holiday season, but it's been a while since Valve nailed a release date.

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