UMPC market joined by Asus R2H

Less than four months behind Samsung and its Q1 UMPC, Asus has unveiled its own Ultra-Mobile PC, the R2H. While the Samsung Q1 was criticized for its lack of features, the Asus R2H offers a little more functionality. Asus has integrated GPS support, fingerprint authentication, and a webcam into the device. The R2H also has a 7" WXGA (1280x800) LCD that packs a good deal more pixels than the Q1's 800x480 display, and it supports hard drive capacities up to 60GB, versus the Q1's 40GB. Both the Q1 and the R2H share the same 900MHz ultra-low voltage Celeron M processor, although oddly, the R2H only comes with 256MB of RAM—half as much as the Q1. Asus hasn't revealed a launch date or price for the R2H, but the folks at DailyTech have heard Asus officials say they intend to keep the device below $1,000.
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