Is AMD having trouble with voltage at 65nm?

The folks at AMD are facing some hurdles with their 65nm process technology, according to a story by The Inquirer. AMD is reportedly finding it difficult to hit required clock speeds with the desired amount of power. The story says stock voltage for the chips is supposed to be 1.1V, but the AMD guys are forced to kick this value up to 1.4V to reach the clock speeds they need. That kind of voltage boost can increase power consumption by a whopping 62%.

Nevertheless, AMD does have a few months to tune its process before its first 65nm processors are expected to make it to store shelves. Also, going by an older report from HKEPC, these first 65nm chips should only be clocked at 2.2GHz and 2.4GHz, which could give AMD more time to refine its process before cranking up clock frequencies.

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