Chaintech to ditch motherboards, focus on memory

Following its entry into the system memory market back in March, graphics card and motherboard manufacturer Chaintech reportedly plans to withdraw from the motherboard market. An Apple Daily report quoted by DigiTimes says the company will now focus on its memory business, which already accounts for half of its sales. Chaintech intends to launch some new budget DRAM modules and to also enter the NAND flash memory market. Walton Advanced Engineering, Chaintech's parent company, will provide testing, packaging, and assembly for NAND flash memory, but the two firms will wait until NAND prices stabilize before diving into that sector.

Chaintech's withdrawal from the motherboard arena is no surprise. No new motherboards for either AMD's Socket AM2 processors or Intel's Core 2 Duos have been introduced by the company, and a search for Chaintech motherboards on our price search engine yields only a handful of boards carried by even fewer retailers.

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