New Intel software to help multithreaded coding

Intel plans
to release
its Threading Building Blocks development tools today,
CNet reports. A beta
of the tools already ran from late March through early June, but Intel
now plans to release the final version into the wild. Intel Threading
Building Blocks is, in Intel’s words, a C++ template-based runtime
library that lets developers do the following:

  • Specify parallelism in [applications] instead of low-level threading

  • Emphasize scalable parallel programming
  • Take advantage of pre-built and tested parallel constructs

In short, Intel Threading Building Blocks is meant to help simplify and
speed up development of multithreaded software that can take advantage
of dual- and multi-core processors (and, of course, multi-processor
systems.) This library will complement other
Intel tools
that share a similar purpose, including Intel Thread
Checker 3.0 and Intel Thread Profiler 3.0. Intel expects 70% of its
processors to be multi-core by the end of the year, so the company
is encoraging developers to optimize or re-write their
software with multithreading in mind.

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    • Unanimous Hamster
    • 13 years ago

    As a programmer, I can state that writing multithreaded code is HARD … a heck of a lot harder than your regular garden-variety single-threaded code. And many types of code don’t even lend themselves well to multithreading.

    I haven’t tried Intel’s tools, but I personally think there’s only so much that can be done by the compiler … the real grunt work of multithreading will have to be done by programmers.

    • firestorm02
    • 13 years ago

    Woo Hooo, first post!

    I thinks this development is perhaps more important than Conro or K8L. Optimized software could lead to higher performance gains than faster hardware, especially as the number of cores increases.

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