PlayStation 3 to face shortages at launch?

Mitsubishi UJF Securities, a Japanese investment banking firm, has downgraded Sony's stock based on belief that the company's initial supply of PlayStation 3 consoles will fall short of expectations. A report by the investment banking firm says Sony will only be able to deliver half as many consoles as planned, which could cause shortages and increase the time it will take for Sony to recoup its investments. For consumers, limited initial supply might also mean much higher prices than the announced $499-599 come the PS3's November 17 launch in North America.

The Japanese analysts don't appear to have cited any specific evidence for their claims. However, their expectations do fit together nicely with previous reports that the PS3 hadn't yet entered production last week and that yields of the console's Cell processor are sub-par. Thanks to HardOCP for the tip.

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