Proof-of-concept virus targets AMD systems

A new proof-of-concept virus uncovered by Symantec targets systems running AMD processors. The virus exists in two separate variants, dubbed w32.bounds and w64.bounds for 32-bit and 64-bit AMD chips, respectively. It works by binding itself to executable files and running chip-level assembly code. The virus writer reportedly chose to target AMD hardware because AMD's processor families share more similarities with one another than Intel's.

Right now, the virus is only a proof of concept and therefore ranked as a low security risk. However, Symantec warns that the virus could be used as a starting point for more malicious and potentially destructive malware. Symantec Senior Director Vincent Weafer says running code at the chip level allows viruses to bypass the operating system's kernel and user protections and do "pretty well anything" the virus writer might want to do. Thanks to The Inquirer for the link.

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