Corsair unveils 1111MHz memory with funky heatsink

The battle to hit the fastest DDR2 clock speeds in retail memory modules continues. Two weeks ago, OCZ launched some 1.1GHz CL5 sticks, and Corsair has now struck back (PDF) with new DHX XMS2 Dominator PC2-8888 modules clocked a whopping 11MHz faster at 1,111MHz. The 11MHz boost may not amount to much, but Corsair has the latency advantage with a CAS latency rating of 4. The new Corsair sticks are also outfitted with fairly creative ramsinks, as one can see in the press release.

The PC2-8888 modules will feature their very own fan, which the Corsair marketing folks have dubbed Dominator Airflow. The vertical heatsink design does solve the problem of limited horizontal cooling space on system memory in an interesting way, but it may pose problems in machines with large processor heatsinks (such as Zalman's CNPS-7700AlCu) that spill over the memory slots. Price could also be an issue, because Corsair will charge $600-650 for 2GB DHX XMS2 Dominator PC2-8888 dual-channel kits. The company will also sell some more affordable 2GB PC2-8500 CL5 kits with the same heatsinks, but those will still cost $380-400 a pop without the fan.

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