Windows Vista pricing leaks out

Through a blunder on Microsoft’s Canadian site, Redmond has inadvertently revealed pricing for its upcoming Windows Vista operating system. The leaked prices were in Canadian dollars, but Ed Bott from ZDNet has converted the values and adjusted them based on current differences in Windows XP pricing between the U.S. and Canada. Ed’s estimated prices for full and upgrade versions are as follows:

  • Windows Vista Ultimate $349 [full]/$199 [upgrade]
  • Windows Vista Business $269/179
  • Windows Vista Home Premium $239/$139
  • Windows Vista Home Basic $199/$99

Those converted prices are only guesses, Bott says. However, the leaked Canadian price list definitely says Vista Home Basic will cost the same as Windows XP Home does right now, and the current Windows XP Professional is about half-way between the upcoming Vista Business and Vista Ultimate editions. Full Canadian prices, meanwhile, range from $129 CAD for the Vista Home Basic Upgrade version to $499 CAD for the full retail Vista Ultimate.

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