Core 2 Duo hits Dell, Alienware notebooks

Unlike some of its competitors, Dell seems to be an enthusiastic early adopter of Intel's latest mobile screamers. Core 2 Duo processors are now available in Dell's XPS M2010, XPS M1710, XPS M1210, and Inspiron E1705 notebooks, as well as the company's business-oriented Inspiron 9400, Precision M90, and Precision M65 machines. Those notebooks all feature Core 2 Duo processors with speeds of up to either 2.16GHz or 2.33GHz depending on the model. Alienware, which was acquired by Dell earlier this year, is also sporting Core 2 Duos galore in its Area-51 m5750, Area-51 m5550, and Sentia m3450 machines. In contrast, a look through HP's, Toshiba's, and Acer's websites revealed no notebooks with Core 2 Duos that we could see.
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