Report says ATI recalled new TV cards

Recalls seem to be the hot trend this summer. First several PC makers recalled large numbers of notebook batteries, and now ATI has pulled its new TV Wonder 650 tuner cards from store shelves, according to a report by DailyTech. The cards were announced just over two weeks ago, but they were removed from stores like Best Buy shortly after becoming available over the past few days. ATI hasn’t issued a public statement regarding the reported recall, so details are sparse. However, an ATI mole told DailyTech, “the TV Wonder 650 [tuner cards] … claimed to have 40 channels, but only about 30% to 50% of them worked.”

Best Buy employees were reportedly asked to tell customers that ATI will release a similar product “in the near future.” As for online retailers, a sift through our price search engine shows only ATI itself selling TV Wonder 650 cards, and they’re out of stock.

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