TR Forum Tidings: RAID experimentation

In this week's look into the daily lives of our forum gerbils, we're highlighting 1970BossMsutang's "RAID 0 or 5" thread. With support for more exotic RAID flavors than the usual RAID 0 or RAID 1 now commonplace in onboard Serial ATA controllers, users may get the urge to experiment. RAID 5, for instance, generates parity information on the fly in order to allow fault tolerance without a 100% capacity cost. In contrast, RAID 0 simply stripes data across drives, and RAID 1 simply mirrors it. However, as gerbil regular Wajo says, RAID 5 tends to have low write speeds in systems without a hardware RAID card. Instead, others suggest RAID 10 (striped pairs of mirrored drives,) or different arrangements of RAID 0 or RAID 1 arrays.

What is your RAID level of choice, and what configuration do you think is best? Would you rather favor all-out redundancy, all-out speed, or something in-between? Regardless, feel free to register an account and hop into the discussion.

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