Fujitsu about to get perpendicular

Seagate and Hitachi already shipped 160GB notebook hard drives with perpendicular recording technology a few months ago, but Fujitsu—the world's third-biggest notebook hard drive manufacturer—has so far been lagging behind. The company now intends to catch up with new 160GB and 80GB MHW2 BH-series hard drives that will go on sale in October. These 2.5" drives implement perpendicular recording technology in platters that spin at 5,400 RPM, much like Seagate's Momentus 5400.3 and Hitachi GST's Travelstar 5K160 hard drives. After its new MHW2 BH drives are out the door, Fujitsu plans to launch another notebook drive with a 230GB capacity at an undisclosed time next year.
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